The Piss Pad – A New Way Guys Use The Toilet

While browsing through Kickstarter, some campaigns simply make me laugh. Sometimes they make me laugh and then I start to think, that the offered product could be very useful although at first, it seems ridiculous. The Piss PadThat’s what happened when I discovered The Piss Pad, a small device that will solve a lot of issues guys have when peeing. Let’s have a closer look!

Every guy who is too lazy to sit down while peeing or thinks that he would lose his manly hood when sitting down, knows the issues. You are getting to your toilet bowl. you bring yourself into position and you are aiming to shoot exactly into the target. However, even when getting everything into the big target of the bowl, you probably have experienced how the flow is splashing on to the porcelain, and then drops get everywhere, sometimes maybe even on your pants. Disgusting, right? Depending on your height, the pressure and the aiming skills, that splash when your pee hits the toilet, can be enormous. The Piss Pad is helping you do avoid those disasters.

How does it work?

The Piss Pad is something so simple that it is strange that no one thought about it. On the back of the device, you will find a sticky plate that will hold the pad securely on your bowl, even if your toilet has an ultra-strong flush. When it is sticking to the toilet, The Piss Padyou will need to aim to direct the flow onto the pad. Due to the wurly poly fibers, the splash is being avoided and voila, the pee is running calmly down the drain. The idea is genius. Just there is one huge problem, the diameter is 40 mm quite small. So in case you had some beers and you are a little bit buzzed, I would be worried that you are not able to aim to the small target. The drunker you are, the more issues you will have any way to target even into the bowl, and if you don’t want to clean that mess up, better sit down for peeing under those circumstances.

The creators are very confident that this little and simple device will make your life so much easier than you will not need to clean your toilet that often. The less splash, the less to clean, makes kind of sense. As you use less water cleaning your toilet and also less cleaning chemicals, you are even doing something good for the environment. And for sure, aiming for a target while peeing can be fun too.The Piss Pad

So don’t hesitate, if you pee in standing position and back this campaign. If you back it now, the creators are promising that you will have it in your toilet by November/December 2020. Good news for all international backers, there will be no extra fees or customs charges as the creators will take care of this.

Thanks for reading. What do you think of the Piss Pad, is it something you would like to use? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts, please.

All the best and stay safe!


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