The Legend Bracelet – A bracelet with a mission

Crowdfunding is exciting because it lets you to take part in the process of bringing a new product to life. It becomes even more exciting if the campaign is for a good cause like creating awareness of climate change. Exactly this is what creator Kevin McCroary did with his Legend Bracelet.

The Legend Bracelet – A bracelet with a mission

Kevin McCroary developed the Legend Bracelet because he wants to raise awareness of the worldwide climate change. The bracelet is made of the bark of cork trees. Removing the bark of those trees is not harmful, in this case the opposite is true.  It makes the trees stronger and more resistant to the environmental influences and also enables the trees to take up more CO2. Trees and plants take up CO2 and convert it to O2 through photosynthesis helping to reduce the conditions which are causing the climate change.


Carry memories with you

The Legend Bracelet is not only special because it is created from cork bark but it has also two capsules. One of those capsules is filled with sand or earth from the Arctic area, collected by scientists who are examining the impact of climate change to the descending permafrost area. It is a constant reminder to be mindful about our environment and air pollution.

The other capsule is empty. It can be filled with sand or earth from a place which has a special meaning and importance for the wearer. So every bracelet can be personalized and made unique incapsulating your own memories. Collect some sand from the beach of your favorite holiday destination, so you will always have a reminder of those good times on you. Take a piece of your hometown with you wherever you go, so you have the perfect cure against getting homesick.

The story behind the Legend Bracelet

The creator of the bracelet, Kevin McCroary, was traveling to the Philippines and was experiencing the high pollution especially children were exposed to. He also traveled to the west coast of Greenland and talked with people who were directly affected by a tsunami and who lost their home due this natural disaster. Kevin then wanted to create something which reminds us every day how important our environment is, and also wanted to include the possibility to enable people to have a piece of earth from places with a special meaning always with them. He wants to create a strong community of people to spread awareness of the dangers we are all in, because climate change effects all of us regardless where we live.

Kevin will donate 12% of all net profits. He is working close with the Woods Hole Research Center which is helping climate refugees and is working to protect the environment.

How to get the Legend

The Kickstarter campaign ended already in the end of November 2017. The campaign had a hard time to reach the funding goal of 10.000 USD. Also the promoting through Backerclub, a community of Hardcore Backers, was not helping that much. Personally I was assuming that this campaign would hit through the roof. In my opinion the bracelet is looking amazing. It has a huge potential of becoming a beloved piece of accessory due to the fact that the owner is able to personalize it with some sand or earth from their favorite places. Last but not least and most importantly it is serving an amazing cause which concerns everyone who is living on planet Earth.

Estimated delivery is planned for  January / February 2018. Kevin is very responsive and keeps his backers up-to-date with regular updates. For everyone who is interested in this beautiful piece of accessory can get it right now on a special presale price on the website https://legendbracelet.com/

The Legend Bracelet is available in three different sizes. Size Small has a circumference of 7 inch, Medium 7,5 inches and Large with a circumference of 8 inches.

As soon as I will receive the Legend Bracelet I will post a review of it. This product has a personal importance for me and I would like to make this bracelet more known for a wider circle of people. I am not receiving any commissions or bonuses for promoting Kevin’s website, I just want to have my share on helping to  save the planet and raise awareness of the climate change. Please support this amazing product!


  1. Very interesting article and bracelet you have shared today, I enjoyed reading your article and this special bracelet everyone should have.

    I thank you for sharing this article and bracelet with me, it makes me want to go out and purchase my own bracelet and start my own legend maybe even one for each of my sons to start a family tradition

    • Hey Jeffrey,

      That is exactly how I felt when I saw the Kickstarter campaign. Backed for a two of them, one for my wife, one for me. Cant wait to get it delivered and really curious how it will look in reality. Will post an update and real review as soon as I have it in hand!



    • Hi Gail,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your question.
      In my experience the bracelet itself can get wet, did not have any issues with it. The two chambers are not really. The sand or earth gets wet…but it is tight enough that the sand or earth is not washed out…and after a time it dries up.
      Have a nice weekend!

  2. I really liked the bracelet and was going to buy one from each cause but then saw only 12% of the money raised goes to the charities. That seems really low. Where does the other 88% go?

    • Hi Kim,
      12% might not seem much, but better than nothing. Production is also not for free. Don’t know how much money from each bracelet goes into Kevin’s pocket but I would assume he needs to make a living too.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Financial transparency would inspire me to add to my collection. I own one, and was planning on purchasing more but want to know where the rest of the money is going. All for people supporting themselves, but reasonably so.

  3. Love all the bracelets and admire all of you out there taking care of these most precious animals.
    Thank you and stay safe
    Patricia Brennan

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