The Evolution Pants – Your Perfect Everyday Pants

A new campaign is taking over Kickstarter like a hurricane. The revolutionary Evolution Pants promises to be the perfect everyday pants which can be worn to every occasion. This is a bold statement and Let’s try to find out if this pants can keep up to the given promises and if you really need them and no other pants anymore. In time of writing this post it is already funded, reaching roughly 240.000 USD with over 1.600 backers. The initial funding goal was 20.000 USD. Estimated delivery should happen Nov/Dec 2018, so it will take some months until you can get you hands on the product.

Evolution pants

The Best Everyday Pants You Can Find

There are so many pants on the market. Everyone claims that their product is the perfect one. But what is so special about the Evolution Pants? Well, basically what is so revolutionary about them is, that they replace the least a minimum of three other pants in you closet or suitcase. They are designed to be you pants you wear in you office, you wear them on you weekend hike and you wear them when traveling and enjoying you adventure vacation. As they are stain and water resistant, wrinkle resistant, made to move with a comfy stretch and really quick drying, they are perfect of every occasion. The material is very light and feels like cotton. You can even roll them up tight and neat so they take up less space in you backpack and suitcase, leaves more room for other essential things you want to have with you. The colors available in time of writing are charcoal and navy, so really colors which you can really wear to work if you need to look smart. Then you can finish work, get into the weekend and wear the same pants you finished you working week on Friday in and have them on you during a fantastic hike on Saturday.

Evolution pants

Get with them through tough terrain because the fabric is hard wearing, abrasion resistant and anti-piling. On Sunday you hop on a plane and get to you well-deserved vacation. If you have to sit tight in a plane for several hours, you want to have comfy pants on you. The Evolution Pants are again you first choice as the stretchy material makes them a charm to wear. As they are stain resistant, even after you hike you look fashionable and still wearing the same pants. When you arrive in you hotel room, you can give it a quick hand wash. They are so fast drying that you can wear them through the whole vacation.

Sizes, Prices…and When?

Right now the Evolution Pants are available in a variety of sizes. Waistline will be offered from 28 to 40 inches, the inseam will be 32 inches, but them hem is expandable to suit persons with longer legs and prefer to have 34 inches. Original color option was Charcoal, by getting through a stretch goal the color Navy was unlocked. You can grab a pair of the Evolution Pants for 119 USD, which will save you 30 USD on the estimated selling price after crowdfunding has finished. Two pairs you can get for 238 USD, so not really a saving for backing more than one.

Evolution pants

Estimated delivery should be already in June 2018. So the creator promises that you can get them really quick. But more on that will follow later on, but I want to mention already that this might be a bit over promising. So don’t get you hopes up to high when deciding to back this project.

The 200K stretch goal is passed so the creator will announce soon the promised additional sizes. I have no clue if those sizes are for the waistline or if they will start to target smaller people. For me personally a leg length of 32 is too long, so I am hoping for a short leg version of 30.

As this campaign is still going on for half a month, there might be some more stretch goals to be announced.

Is the campaign worth backing or is it a scam?

This campaign caused quite a bit of interested and reaching over 200.000 USD is a great achievement. The creator is interacting through the comments of his backers, although for such a huge campaign success there is little going on in the comments. Right now there are just 92 comments and the creator itself commented a lot as he is really responsive to questions. However, the campaign produced only two updates so far. The last one was from the point when they reached 100 K in 48 hours and announced the stretch goal achievement.

Evolution pants

Backers are quite happy so far as the campaign description answers most of the possible questions, gives a detailed view of the product and has a timeline included. So if nothing would go horrible wrong, this could be a very successful campaign with little fuss about it.

I don’t think that this will be scam, in fact I believe that the creator will deliver a product, maybe even in a timely manner.

Verdict – Would I back it?

The Evolution Pants are very interesting. The fact that they are so versatile, are stain resistant and can be worn on so many occasions is very appealing to me. As they can be packed very small, even been rolled up and not getting all wrinkly is something which I am looking forward in pants. I like to travel just with small luggage, so a backpack in carry-on luggage is my preferred choice of getting on vacation. No need to pack different kind of pants is essential. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the missing leg inseam of 30 inches makes this pants not suitable for me. But who knows, maybe the stretch goal reveals a better fit for me.

Evolution pants

As this campaign was overachieving their initial funding goal and keeps rising, my prediction will be that, backers should not get stuck on the delivery date of June 2018. Assuming a delay of around 6 months would be reasonable. After the Kickstarter is finished it might get on to Indiegogo InDemand which a popular choice of campaigners to keep their momentum going. If you can’t back it now, you might have the opportunity them. It is possible that on Indiegogo InDemand you will have to pay around 10 bucks more them.

The Evolution Pants look like the perfect pants. Comfy, stretchy, everyday use guaranteed. Wish I could get them in my size too though.

Thanks again for reading and following my blog. If you have any comments or if you backed this project, just leave you thoughts beneath.



P. S: Just discovered the new sizing chart. The stretch goal for 200 K was unfortunately only for the long-legged persons. The inseam is 36 inches, expandable to 38 inches. Dwarfs like me are still kept out. What a pity.




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