The Best Cooker for Hiking

Just imagine you are on a great hike. You started your journey in the early morning, got into the woods, the mountains or an endless beach and just walk and walk. You have your backpack with enough water for hydration with you. But then your tummy starts to mumble. It is empty. You are hungry. What you need now it the Yabul Cook, the best cooker for hiking!

yabul cook

Yabul Cook – Lightweight, Small, Flameless, Safe

I am someone who really enjoys getting out on the weekends and take long hikes. But I am also a Foodie, I enjoy food whenever and wherever I am. Especially on chilly days I would love to have a warm meal during the hike to restore my energy and to be able to finish the hike strong. As in nature there are not really a lot places to have a break and get served with a warm meal, I was always looking for opportunities to have something lightweight, portable and safe with me. A gas cooker is not really safe, if windy you have issues with the flame going and it is bulky and adds up weight because you will also need a pot and maybe a can of food. Really too much. So most of the times I am carrying a few protein bars with me. They give an instant energy boost, fill the grumpy tummy, but taste wise it is not really satisfying. If it is about food I am picky.

How happy I was when I found the Yabul Cook. This little thing in incredible. You have basically a silicone bowl, a silicone lid, both can be rolled and folded together. Then you have a heating pad and some water…and of course the most important, your food. This equipment is ultra-lightweight and packs in a small space in your backpack. You can prepare your food on the day before, when you cook your usual meal. Just prepare some more. Put then the portion into a zipper bag and take it in the pouch of the Yabul Cook with you. When you are now on your hike and the tummy demands food, unroll the bowl and lid, place the heating pad inside, the zipper bag with your meal gets on top, fill in some water, close the lid and wait 10-15 minutes. It is that simple. If you have raw food with you, it might take 20-25 minutes until your delicious meal is cooked to perfection. Just lay down, watch the clouds fly by and enjoy a relaxing time, while the Yabul Cook is doing the work for you. No need to stir, no need to check of your food might burn. And most important, there is no flame so it is 100% safe, you won’t light up the whole forest.

yabul cook

Awesome – I need this!

Exactly what I was thinking when I saw this campaign on Kickstarter. The funding goal of the campaign was reached in no time, no wonder as it is an affordable and amazing product. Did not see anything like this before and pledged also for the solo pack which comes with one bowl, one lid and to get you started without delay also 5 zipper bags and 5 heating pads are included. This was probably the quickest Kickstarter campaign ever, because it finished in January 2018 and estimated delivery date was February 2018. We all have seen this before. I was expecting delays as usual, but the creator kept his word and delivered the product really quick. So I can’t wait that winter is over and spring will approach here in UK to get out and about to long hikes with some taste food with me.

So how can you get your hands on this amazing thing? After the Kickstarter campaign has ended, the creator moved the whole campaign to Indiegogo in Demand.

You can get your hands on the Yabul Cook here!

Indiegogo InDemand is the special are where successful crowdfunding campaigns from Indiegogo and Kickstarter move. Usually Indiegogo invites creators to continue the campaign there until they have their own online shop up and running. It is a great place to get crowdfunding products if you missed the normal campaign. The prices on Indiegogo InDemand are usually a bit higher than from the crowdfunding campaign, but still lower than the estimated retail price.

OK…you got me…so how much is it?

Right now you can get the Yambul Cook as mentioned above on Indiegogo InDemand. The creator is offering different perks for different needs. You can either pledge for a Solo, Duo, Family and Retailer Set. The Solo contains one set, the Duo as the name suggests two sets, the family comes with 4 Yabul Cook sets and the retailer pack has 10. Additionally, you can also get the sets with additional heating pads which is great as you will need the heating pads to get the cooker running and cooking. After the InDemand phase ends you can get your hands on the heating pads through the online shop of Yabul or even through Amazon, at least that is what the creator answered in one of the comments on Kickstarter.

The price for the Solo pack is right now 35 USD, the Duo comes to your door for 65, the Family is 120 bucks and the retailer pack gets to you for 275 USD. 25 additional heating pads costs 26 USD, 50 pads are available for 45 USD. Shipping costs will depend on your location, but you can check it out upfront by simply getting to your desired pledge and typing in your location. For example the Solo set with additional 25 heating pads ships to USA for 10 USD, to UK for 25 USD.

You won’t need special Ziploc bags as the ones from your local grocery store will also work, but I assume that their own-branded version will be also available through the new online shop or Amazon. If you don’t trust the ones from the grocery store, simply get yourself some Ziploc bags which a made for Sous-Vide cooking, they will be fine too and you should be able to close them well enough to avoid food spills.

yabul cook

The Conclusion – Or “Do you need this?” – YES

If you are an outdoor person, if you enjoy going fishing, taking long hikes or you like to go camping, then the Yambul Cook is a Must-Have item. Even if you like to spend the day in the park or on a lake and you desire a warm meal, this is the stuff you need. It will work even in windy conditions as there is no flame needed, no electricity. It is lightweight, small and portable. Created delicious meals in a matter of minutes whenever and wherever you are. It is affordable and it is already shipping to backers without any delays.

In my opinion this is one the best crowdfunding campaigns I have ever seen. Fast shipping and a responsive and honest creator. Get your hands on this amazing thing as long as you can get it for the discounted crowdfunding price before it moves to regular retail.

If you have the Yabul Cook already, I would be happy to read your comment below. Also, if you like my post and you need a hand with anything, just let me know and I will get back to you to sort things out.

Thank you!





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