Sea to Sky – The Adventure Backpack

Imagine that there would be a backpack which is so small, you simply can click it on your jeans…and if you need it, it is there for you, right at your hand and ready to serve you with amazing 24 liters of space. Look no further, it is here!

The search for the perfect backpack

When I first saw this amazing backpack, the Kickstarter campaign already ended and the project moved to Indiegogo InDemand. The Kickstarter backers were waiting to get their rewards shipped out soon, Indiegogo backers had to wait a little longer. I was looking for a backpack which would be small enough to be considered at every airline as hand luggage, but big enough to fit in the essentials for several days.

Also, it was always annoying to go to a shopping with empty bags or an empty backpack on my shoulders, I wanted something small which I can fit into my jacket pocket.

It should be also waterproof as weather is always unpredictable and I experienced it more then once that the inside of my backpack was soaking wet from heavy rain, because the unhandy rain cover was at home and not with me.

The discovery – Sea to Sky by the PNW


PNW stands for Pacific North West…and oh boy, those guys were had exactly the same search parameters for a backpack then I had. They managed to create the Sea to Sky backpack…a 24 liter volume backpack which can be stored and folded into a tiny little bag. The backpack is made of high-quality Cordura nylon, totally waterproof and even comfortable on the back when it is fully loaded and packed up – no wonder, this backpack is absolutely lightweight. In fact, when you see it in its little pouch, you cannot believe what fits all in there.

How to get it?

So when I saw this campaign on Indiegogo I knew I had to have it – not just one, but two. One for my partner and one for myself. And I needed to have it just three weeks later for our holiday trip. So I was heading over to Facebook to contact those guys as I was hoping to get faster replies there then on Indiegogo. I described my situation and the guys from PNW were more then helpful, assured me if I would order, my rewards would arrive in time. Shipping was done from Hong Kong, so a long way to the UK….but I trusted them and took the risk. And? The backpacks arrived safe and sound three days before the departure.

Taking them to the test

I was choosing the Ursus Black and the Kickstarter Green (yeah, I am a Kickstarter fanatic) and both are highly visible as they have reflective areas. This is really useful and important during the cold and dark winter times. We took them during our trip basically every time with us, when we left our apartment. They were great for spontaneous shopping but also great to keep the important essentials like water, snacks, phones and cameras safe and dry during rain. The Sea to Sky backpack can be easily adjusted and is feeling really comfortable on the back. If not in use, simply fold it together it is fitting in the little pouch. You need to get the hang of it, how to fold it, otherwise you will struggle to get it in the pouch. The material is very durable and absolutely weatherproof, so you belongings are really dry, even if you walk through heavy rain.


The Sea to Sky backpack was one of my best crowdfunding experiences. The team is very helpful and is not afraid to go the extra mile for you. The product keeps what the ad promises. It can fit a lot of your stuff in and you can take it anywhere you go. Thumbs up for the PNW and their amazing first product. Keep it up guys!

You can get this amazing backpack here: https://thepnwco.grsm.io/crowd…




  1. Very informative but I have a question…
    I can’t see anything wrong with backpack and actually is a pretty nice product.
    It doesn’t surprise me it cam from a crowdfunding campaign…
    Well, to my question…
    In your article you mention that one complication you may have is folding the backpack when you’re done…
    I wan’t to know if it comes with instructions of how to do this?

    Thank you.

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thank you for your comment and your question!

      Actually I had to check myself and there is no official instruction how to put the backpack into the pouch. When you receive it, it is in the pouch already and you think “Wow, that is small”. You can imagine it like with a sleeping bag…the procedure to get it back in the pouch is similiar to it…but easier to handle due to the size. Basically it took me three attempts in the beginning, once you get the hang of it, you have the Sea to Sky backpack back in the pouch within a minute or so.

      Was one of my best pledges on crowdfunding and totally replace all my other daypacks…is with me all the time and everywhere.

      Best regards,


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