Pocket Monkii – The Even Smaller Gym

„Oops, they did it again“ – The team around the Monkii Elders Dan and David are back with another product around their idea of the Monkii Bars. After the original Monkii Bars and Monkii Bars 2 they are back to Kickstarter with an even smaller gym, the so called Pocket Monkii. Smaller and lighter, but with the same excellent durability and quality, the new Monkii Bars will fit now into your Jeans pockets with ease.

pocket monkii

Re-design to make the Good better

In 2016 the Monkii Bars 2 has been a huge success on Kickstarter. The team was able to collects over 1 Million USD for the progression of their original Monkii Bars. The key idea of the product is that it is possible to work-out without having to join a gym. Bodyweight exercises are done with the help of the Monkii Bars to bring your body and your muscles to work. Although the second project was delayed by around half a year, backers were very happy with the product itself. What makes Monkii Bars stand out from other similar fitness gear is the Monkii App which guides backers through different work-outs. The fully guided workouts range from beginner level like the 21-day-habit program to crazy-wild workouts which only advances people with a high fitness level can master. The huge amount of workouts makes it worth the price for the Monkii Bars itself, no matter if you own the original ones, the No.2 or if you will get the new Pocket Monkii.

pocket monkii

Pocket Monkii – What can we expect?

After the successful funding of the Monkii Bars 2, the Monkii Elders already reduced the size of the so called Adventure Kit, delivered a much smaller product than first planned. For their new product Pocket Monkii they achieved a reduction in size of further 40%. If you check out the campaign page on Kickstarter, you can discover a GIF, in which the team demonstrates how the new Pocket Monkii fits completely into the tight bag of the Adventure Kit of Monkii Bars 2. Also, the bars itself got much smaller in length and diameter. The question will be, if people with big hands can still handle the Pocket Monkii as comfortable as it was with the previous version.

pocket monkii

Setting up the Pocket Monkii got much easier, as the Monkii Team re-designed the door-anchor. Instead of hanging the whole bag to the door, there is now a special anchor for it. As owner of the Monkii Bars 2 I see there advantages as it is much easier to fit them to the door. But you won’t be able to fit your phone to easily follow along the guided workout. Both bars are now on one anchor, so it won’t be possible to have the left bar on a different length than the right bar. This won’t affect the basic exercises but in some advanced workouts people liked the option to make the workout harder by setting different lengths. On the other hand, the Pocket Monkii is lighter and smaller, therefore fits really into nearly every bag and pocket. The excuse to not workout during the vacation is with this new product even less valid. Even if you are traveling only with a carry-on backpack, the Pocket Monkii will slip into it with ease, even if the backpack seems to be full. But who is hoping to have it in hands this summer will be disappointed. Estimated delivery should happen in November 2018. For backers of the previous version that sounds very familiar. Also, Monkii Bars 2 had an estimated delivery date of November, but 2016. Also, then the team wanted to put the focus on delivery in time as the original Monkii Bars were already delayed. The Monkii Bars 2 has been delayed by around 6 months. So even if you plan to back the project and intend to have it as Christmas gift, bear in mind that delays might happen. However, the team always keep backers updated by at least one update a month. So backers who are following along are always up to date and know exactly what is going on.

pocket monkii

Also, new are two additional products which can be backed along the Pocket Monkii. Isocore puts the focus on strengthen your core and bring out your six-packs even faster. This accessory is added to the door anchor of the Pocket Monkii and will extend your workout experience. Also, for the very wild Monkii backers there is the tactical ladder which adds more wildness to the hardest workouts. Right now I have no knowledge if those accessories will be available as stand-alone products and if especially the Isocore can be used with Monkii Bars 2 too.

Does it make sense to get Pocket Monkii?

No matter which version of Monkii Bars you own, it makes perfect sense to own them if you are looking for a portable fitness device. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are made in stunning quality. Personally I own the Monkii Bars 2 and I am absolutely happy with them. That is why I will not back the Pocket Monkii. For someone new to this kind of fitness device, Pocket Monkii is an affordable device which will get you in shape. It can be used by all fitness levels and are lightweight and portable. They are much easier to set up like no-name products or the market leader TRX. The biggest advantage is the huge workout library in the Monkii App. The App is available for iOS and Android phones and in my opinion the best fitness app out there. The workouts are guided and you will see how the exercised should be performed. With the beginners guide “21 day habit program” even beginners get an easy start without getting in total pain of sore muscles, but it is an encouraging step into the Monkii World.

pocket monkii

The brand is built on a strong community. New challenges and workouts are published on a regular basis through their YouTube-Channel. If you decide to get wild and become a Monkii, you won’t regret it. Boredom is something much unknown for Monkiis!

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