Lezé pants – Sustainable pants for business and leisure

Imagine there would be pants which are comfortable, suitable for business and leisure time. Pants which are made out of plastic bottles and coffee grounds and with a lifetime warranty. Sounds crazy, right? It will be reality because a new label called “Lezé – The Label” from Vancouver is bringing this weird idea to life. The campaign is already fully funded and will be reality.

The creation of something amazing

Nowadays, unfortunately, most beverages are sold in nasty plastic bottles. The biggest down part of this plastic bottles is that they are not re-usable. There are even warnings that the beverage might get poisonous if those plastic bottles are refilled. The bottles are just thrown away, often dumped in the landscape, disposed in rivers and into the oceans. Predictions forecast that in 2050 there will be more plastic bottles in the ocean than fish. Pretty scary reality.

There is still time to turn this horrible future around. Tanya and Karen, the two brave women behind Lezé – The Label, invented pants which are made of recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. Spandex is added for additional comfort. In each pants they are using around 14 used plastic bottles. The bottles and the coffee grounds are processed in a way which becomes yarn. Polyester-, coffee- and spandex yarn is then knitted into a single jersey and dyed with water-based dye. In my opinion this is an awesome idea and if they would have already a model for guys, I would absolutely back this project.

Leze pants – The only pants you want to wear throughout the whole day

These pants are really versatile. They look like business pants, feel like pyjama bottoms and are so comfortable that they can be worn all day long. Spandex takes care of being flexible enough that even sporty moves during lunch break or bike rides to or from work are taken with ease. The 3” waistband is ultra flexible and consists of a 1,5” elastic which sits in the back of the waistband. This assures that it is not “digging in” when sitting for a longer time and also gives a very clean look in the front. The stylish belt is removable if not needed or if a different look is desired. The fabric is wrinkle resistant. After washing the occurring wrinkles can be smoothed out by hand or can be simply popped into the tumble dryer for a quick fix and a fresh look.

When biking to work, it is natural to start to sweat. The pants will take away the sweat from the legs with their special moisture-wicking ability. The fabric is drying 200% faster than normal cotton, so it is made sure that no one has to sit with sweaty pants in the office. Don’t worry about any odor because the coffee ground is neutralizing it and the pants remain with a fresh and neutral smell.

When you receive the Leze pants you will be covered by a crazy lifetime warranty. So if the fabric should become faulty, a belt loop cracks or something else should happen, the creators will be there for you and offer a repair or replacement. This warranty is not covering misuse or any damages which are done to the pants by intention. But still, there are not many fashion labels out there who do offer such an amazing policy to prove how convinced they are of their product and quality. I would say, this is worry-free backing.

How to get the most amazing pants

The campaign is right now live on Kickstarter. You can access the campaign here. Initial funding goal was 5.000 USD. They reached the funding goals in hours and in time of writing this article the Leze pants are moving strong in reaching the 150K stretch goal. It is possible to back for a single pants or multiple pants like 2, 3 or 4 pants. They are coming in different colors and sizes, so everyone should be able to find the perfect match. Everyone? No, unfortunately not everyone, as the campaign is solely focusing on a Ladies model, but I hope if sufficient requests are out there, maybe the next crowdfunding campaign of the team will be for a Gents model… You can bomb them with requests for it through the Kickstarter messaging system or pop them a message on their Social Media platforms. Let’s fight for gender equality. 🙂

Scheduled delivery is set to May 2018. Just keep in mind that when backing this product, it might be delayed. Remember the initial funding goal? 5k…now they are moving towards 150k and who knows at what figure the campaign will end. The team will have to purchase much more raw materials, set up bigger production facilities and produce a much higher amount of pants than they dreamt of. So when backing this fantastic campaign, keep in mind that you will have the reward in hand probably not earlier than autumn or winter 2018.

So even with this delay I think it is worth backing this campaign because it is helping and creating a better and cleaner world. As long beverages are sold in plastic bottles, we all have to find solutions what to do with this plastic bottles otherwise one day our planet will be swamped by them. Go ahead, show some love to the team of the Leze pants and get yourself this amazing product and help clean up the mess on the planet Earth.

If you are reading this after the Kickstarter campaign has ended, my prediction would be, that you will be able to back the campaign through Indiegogo InDemand. Just go to the Kickstarter campaign and there the link to Indiegogo should appear.



  1. Great idea that will take off. Which different colors do the pants come in and are there any plans to do other clothing articles. They look very comfortable and smart too. It blows my mind that by 2050 there will be more bottles of plastic in the oceans then fish. Great job!

    • Hey Dave,

      Thank you for your comment and your questions. Initial color was Black, Stretch Goal at 100k was a second color and backers have voted for Charcoal. Stretch goal at 200k will be a third color option. Might be unlocked too.

      The Leze pants are the very first product of this start up label…but with the huge success in this campaign there should a wider product range happen in the near future…Just hope they keep it going by using recycled materials. Really scary to think about all the plastic waste on the planet.

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