Monkii Bars 2 – The gym that fits in your hand

Taking fitness to a whole new level – try out Monkii Bars 2 and become a better you.

A gym is a place where people go to because they want to get fit, healthy and do something good for the body. Most gyms are running on contract basis, so you sign up and pay every month your fee to be able to use the facilities. You start motivated, but then it gets hard, after a long working day, to get out of the house and take a car ride to your local gym. But good news are ahead of you: Those days are gone and should be soon forgotten, because if you read on you will be able to discover a gym which is totally portable, small enough to lose it in a messy home and easy enough to set it up no matter where you are – Here are the Monkii Bars 2!



Working out whenever you are in the mood

Who didn’t experience this yet. You get home from work and you are feeling that you would like to do a sweaty hard workout. You want to let loose of some aggression which has built up over the stressful day. When you gym bag is packed, you look out of the winter and rain is pouring down, wind is hauling through the streets and you are losing all your energy to head over to the gym.

There is a solution to this problem. Grab yourself the amazing Monkii Bars 2, connect them to one of your doors and get those muscles moving. With Monkii Bars 2 you are able to perform more than 250 exercises simply from the comfort of your own home. Getting fit and healthy whenever you want, wherever you want in the intensity you choose.

Extensive Workout library

If you look at those Monkii Bars 2 in their so-called Adventure Pack, you might think “How the hell do I use those stuffs? There is not even a proper instruction manual included!”. Right…it is true…but you don’t really need it because the really well-designed Monkii App which is available for iOS and Android covers it all. From the first setup to really challenging complete workouts. There is even a startup program included which brings your mind and your body into the shape of getting in the end even the most challenging workouts done, without complaining the next day about aching muscles. Monkii Bars 2 are the piece of kit which will bring you in shape. All exercises and full workouts are explained in high quality videos.

What about the great Outdoors?

Yes! You can and you should use them outdoors. As the kit is really small and handy it will fit in any of your pockets. So please take them out for a walk. If you find a nice spot where to fix the bars to, or if you come along a sturdy tree…don’t hesitate, through them over a branch and get wild. Monkiis like to be wild and Monkii Bars definitely encourage you in this. The Monkii Elders are still working on their app and they will include a GEO feature. So if you find a ridiculously beautiful spot for a workout, just pin your position within the app and others can find that spot too and benefit from a fantastic workout in nature. That is pure wilderness…kind of geocaching for workout locations. As mentioned, the team is still working on that feature, it will come but bear in mind when buying the equipment that this is not available yet.

These workout bars are addictive

Monkii Bars 2 were a huge success on Kickstarter and on Indiegogo InDemand and they delivered all rewards, even if it was with a huge delay. The team was responsive, explained all hiccups upfront without hiding. They delivered a product of the highest quality. Sure, this is not the cheapest workout equipment and their are much cheaper options out their. Just keep in mind, especially if you are using this in the wild, you put all your weight on those straps. I am not sure, how safe cheap versions of this kind of equipment is. A huge advantage is the App. With the App you have guided workouts and you can do you workout on your own terms. No one is watching you like in a public gym, but even if no one can see you working out – giving up is not an option…and believe me, you won’t! Because Monkii Bars will make you go wild and doing it all over again and again. So, without further delay: Head over here and get yourself this awesome stuff!

Below you will find the link to the Kickstarter campaign video, which totally made me want to have them. Keep in mind that in this video, the design of the straps is different than in the finished product as it was improved by the team.




  1. Hello there! I’ve been wanting to work out in a gym but the problem is that it is kinda expensive and I don’t have enough money for it. Also I don’t know how to use the machines or what workouts should I do with weights. I might injure myself doing this kind of stuffs without an instructor. I read your review about the monkii bars 2 and it is really great. I will surely workout at home and try to buy pull up bars and this one to help me with my workouts. Thank you for sharing this review.

    • Hi John,
      Thank you for your comment!
      Yes…the Monkii Bars 2 will get you fit, no doubt about it…and it is so easy to use them as you really need just a door. The app is guiding your through different workouts and helps you progress to the tougher ones. I love my Monkii Bars and I am glad that I have them….Time to get wild!
      Lets me know how you like them if you buy them!
      All the best!

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