DUO Glass – The Smart Tumbler For Better Drinks

Who doesn’t know this feeling? You come home from work, your day was full of stress and hard. You are tired and just want to relax with your favorite drink. So you grab your standard tumbler or cocktail glass, start pouring or mixing the delicious spirits. Then you add some ice cubes to it. When you start to drink you realize that the mixing proportions were not right or that the Whiskey you have poured into your glass was far too much (Yes, it is a true thing and can happen…believe me). As your room is warm and cozy, the ice is melting far too fast and your drink gets watery and thin. DUO Glass is a real small tumbler which will help you avoid all these disappointments and helps you create your perfect drink. Let’s dive directly into it and discover what make DUO Glass so special…or how a glass can be smart without electronic technology.

DUO Glass

DUO Glass – The tumbler re-invented

Right now a new glass is very successful on Kickstarter and exceeded its funding goal as backers see the great new functionality this glass is delivering. The glass is handcrafted as it is blown by hand, so you get a real piece of art in your hands when you back the project and receive your reward around summer 2018. When I saw the DUO glass the first time on Kickstarter it reminded me of my espresso cups, made out of glass as it has the same double wall design. This double wall design is working like an insulation. As the DUO glass can be used with hot or cold drinks, they keep the desired temperature for much longer. If you use it with hot drinks you also won’t burn your hands on it as the outside of the glass stays at room temperature. The insulation also keeps your drink longer warm or cold. How well this insulation is working can be checked on the campaign website. The creator posted a time lapse video of ice melting on the normal tumbler and in the DUO glass. The ice is turning into water in much slower degree due to the double wall design. Another advantage of the double wall design is, that you don’t need coasters on your precious table. When you have ice in your glass to keep your drink cold, the glass starts usually to condensate and leaves ugly water spots on your table. The DUO glass stays completely dry because of this special and thoughtful design.

But the biggest feature of the DUO glass is in my opinion the measuring scale. Every 1 oz you have a line. So you can measure your drinks to perfection without the use of any other device. No more under- or overfilling, cocktails will be perfect and have the same well-known taste each and every time you prepare it.

I have no clue why no one thought about bringing all this key features into one glass yet. Each and every feature is obviously an improvement to your drinking experience and will make it so much easier to create delicious relaxing drinks and cocktails. No real rocket science in it, it was about time that someone comes up with it.

DUO Glass

Aesthetics is important

If you are creating a fabulous drink, you wanted to be served also with style. The DUO glass is exactly delivering that. The glass itself has a classy design to it. It simply looks awesome when the drink is in the inside chamber. The measuring lines looks more like a decoration than having a huge functionality boost to them. Some might now like some rocks of ice in their drink and they like the look of it. But imagine you could put a perfectly round ice ball in the size of 2 inches into the glass. An ice ball which fits perfectly into the inside mold of the glass. How classy would that look like? Now we go to the top. Imagine you pour different colored spirits into the tumbler and have the ice ball in the glass too. It will nearly look too good to be ruined by drinking that cocktail.

You got me! Where and when can I get it?

DUO Glass can be backed right now on Kickstarter. The campaign is a huge success as the initial funding goal was set to 11.000 USD, in time of writing this blog post the campaign stands at 101.000 USD. A timeline of the planned production and fulfillment process can be found in the campaign too with an estimated delivery date of June 2018. It seems the creator will use different fulfillment centers which would indicate that international backers would not need to worry about additional fees besides the shipping costs. Shipping costs depend on your pledge level and your location and can be seen when trying to back the project. I assume after the Kickstarter campaign will be over, this might move to Indiegogo InDemand. If so, you will find a call to action button like “Pre-order now” in the top area of the Kickstarter campaign page.

DUO GlassMy prediction is that the campaign will be delayed. It happens on a regular basis, especially when the initial funding goal is over exceeded. The creator needs to deliver much more rewards than it was planned for which can cause delays in manufacturing and in the shipping process. Also, manufacturing might not be a smooth run and changes needs to be done. So from my point of view, when backing this project, be prepared that you might receive the reward in autumn or just in time for the Christmas holidays. I might be wrong, but better expect delays from the beginning than being disappointed that you don’t have the DUO Glass in your hands in time. Personally I will hope that the creator will remain communicative and also delivery “bad” news to the backers. Because often creators are afraid to deliver news about delays or problems and then the situation and relationship between creator and backers gets toxic.

Whoever likes a good drink, needs the DUO Glass

In my opinion the DUO Glass is a fantastic addition to the range of glasses which are already available. It will be a great success even after the crowdfunding stage if the creator is honest to the backers. The functionality of this glass is incredible as it looks great, especially with the ice ball. No issues with measuring your spirits to the perfect level. No coasters needed and the temperature remains for longer as it should be due the fantastic double wall design. It is a glass everyone should have who likes a good drink or cocktail.

The campaign offers also pledge levels with a trio of bitters to create even better drinks. I was not going into details here because this is only available to backers in the US.

Please be mindful when drinking alcohol, enjoy it without ruining your health. Also, alcohol-free cocktails can be taste explosions and relaxing without the booze.

DUO GlassI would like to know what you think about the DUO Glass? Are you also so excited about it like I am? Will you back the project? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

Stay chipper!

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