Corked – Aromatherapy on the go

Nowadays nearly everyone feels stressed or needs a quick “pick-me-up” to gain energy levels back. Essential oils can help you in a healthy and natural way to find your inner “zen”, to either calm down, feel an uplifting boost or do something positive for your general well being. It is not even necessary to be inside a room with a diffuser as the brand new concept of the start up company Corked provides you with an Aromatherapy on the go. Now it is possible to relax wherever you are, whenever you want and need it.

Aromatherapy – what is it and how to use it

In times when natural and alternative medicine is gaining more and more trust and momentum, aromatherapy as part of the healthy lifestyle can help to improve the well being of each and all of us. In Aromatherapy essential natural oils which are extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or barks are diffused and inhaled. It is believed that the inhalations or these essential oils have positive effects on the brain. Depending on the ingredients in this essential oils, it is possible to calm down the mind so the body can relax. It is also possible to lift up the mood and spirits and to increase energy levels without the use of chemicals or caffeine.

Aromatherapy products are usually diffusers, soaps, candles and many more. But all of them have one issue in common. They are not really portable, can not be taken anywhere or the use may affect also persons in the surroundings of yourself. If you need to calm down, it not a good idea to use essential oil mixes at your workplace as your colleague might need something energizing and will feel sleepy and heavy when you use your relaxing blend.

Corked – A new concept of using Aromatherapy

Corked is a young start up company from the United States and they take Aromatherapy to a whole new level. As they use the concept of Vaporization, similar to electronic cigarettes, to get the essential oils into your system. Corked is using five unique blends, all essential oils are extracted from all natural ingredients without the use of any chemicals. The blend is filled into a stainless steel device which diffuses the blend. Corked can be used wherever you are. Just take two three puffs of the device, close your eyes and feel the positive effect of the essential oils. When you leave home, just put one or two different diffusers in your pocket and enjoy true Aromatherapy on the go.

The 5 unique blends of Corked

Corked created 5 basic blends which will help in every stage of the day to get the most out of it.

Meditate: When you need some calm and some relaxation, use the Meditate blend. These blends are blended with no less than 19 essential oils and consists Valerian, Sage, Bitter Orange, Frankincense and Yling Ylang. It will create a calm and peaceful state of mind and supports cohesive and clear thought patterns.

Trance: When the thoughts are racing, but you need a clear mind, then the Trance blend should be the right choice. 14 essential oils like Lavender and Sweet Marjoram will bring relaxation while Valerian will slow down the mind and ground your body.

Alive: In case the worlds is bringing our mind and mood down with too much stress and the pace is too fast, feel alive again with this mix of Lime and Lemon Peel. It will uplift the mind and set positive mood. Spearmint is releasing Stress and helps the respiratory system to relax too. The experts mixed 15 oils together to create this uplifting blend.

Ecstacy: Feel the effects of Ecstacy, but in the healthy and legal way. Geranium and Lemon lifts the moods, relieves depression and balances the hormones. Cinnamon Leaf supports a healthy immune system. 12 essential oils will take care of your energizing mood lifter and lets you get through tough times.

Refresh: This blend refreshes the tired mind and gives new fresh energy and lets you go further than before. Copaiba and Mandarin are main ingredients which can reduce pain and inflammation while turmeric takes care of the joints. This blend seems to be the perfect ailment after sporty activities to not only refresh the mind, but also the body. 15 essential oils work well together to create this tasty unique blend.

Corked made sure that their standard blends really cover every part of your day. Corked is there for you if either you need some calm and relaxed time or if you need a boost of energy and lift the spirits.


How Corked is used

Using the Corked Diffuser is pretty much the same than using an electronic cigarette. You would draw on the diffuser similar to use a straw in your favorite drink. Important is that you draw the vapor only into your mouth but not into your lungs. You exhale then through your nose and experience the full potential of the powerful essential oils. Proper use would imply to take not more than 2-3 hits from the diffuser, not more than 3 times a day. So it could be a good idea to use in the morning a wake up like Ecstasy or Alive. In the middle of the day when the stress gets overwhelming, a Refresh or Trance can help to regain focus on what is important. After a hard day, you could then relax with Meditate and reflect on your day or prepare yourself for a rest- and peaceful bedtime.


Normally I am more of the skeptical kind when it is about the use and benefits or herbs or oils. But after trying out the full range of Corked, I have to admit, it is really a useful addition to the daily routine. The essential oils from Corked help to get through the day with a positive mindset and increase the general well being. I will absolutely order them again and especially take advantage of the combi-pack in which you can get all five unique blends at once on a discounted price.

If you want to try this new Aromatherapy on the go, you can order them here.






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