Coffee blended with tea – Crazy or tasty?

We have on one side the coffee drinker, on the other hand the tea drinker. But is it possible to bring them both together? A new start-up from British Columbia in Canada wants to try exactly that! They mix the best of both worlds and have their coffee blended with tea. In this way your are able to enjoy the benefits of these magical drinks combined in an amazing cuppa.

Sometimes one is not enough

When your body and mind is reaching its low, it is common sense to grab a good cup of coffee or tea. Both contain caffeine which has an uplifting effect on the body. But sometimes tea is not a good enough “hello wake me up” and the effect of coffee vanishes within half an hour and the down feeling is back. What would happen now if coffee is blended with tea? Does it have a double-effect? Is this combination just a turbo-boost, which makes the downfall even worse? The answer here is a clear no. Coffee and Tea mixed together go into a wonderful symbiosis. The caffeine, which is in coffee much higher than in tea, will give the necessary boost. Tea contains L-theanine and EGCG. When the brain receives now coffee blended with tea, there are three huge benefits: improved memory, attention span and learning capabilities. Amazing isn’t it?

Meet Teagosa – a new campaign on Kickstarter

Teagosa is a mixture from the finest fair trade coffees blended with smooth fair trade tea. For a start the blend comes in three different variations.

Teagosa Jasmin

Teagosa Sencha

Teagose English Breakfast

These variations are available in 250 g bags and in Cold brew to go bottles in 4 oz and 16 oz

The two co-founders of Teagosa Bernadette Beck and Eric Bullock founded the company in Spring 2016 and had a vision to create a natural and healthy energy-drink without chemical ingredients. They came up with the idea to mix the two traditional pick-me-up drinks together and were amazed by the result. They stated their journey by sourcing the coffee and tea from fair trade plants in Central America and China. After importing the beans to Canada, they do all by themselves. A true two person operation. They created the delicious dark roast for the beans, just perfect to be blended with delicate and smooth Jasmine flowers, Sencha green tea or the famous English Breakfast Tea.

How is Teagosa brewed?

The answer here is simply as your won’t need a new device to make the perfect Teagosa brew. It is simply prepared like a normal coffee. French press, Filter coffee machine or for example an Aeropress are just a few examples of the many possibilities. Simply take your usual coffee maker and use it to create a new taste sensation. Premium coffee flavors combined with smooth hints of delicious tea.

The Teagosa-Team needs your help

Bernadette and Eric started the business locally in British Columbia and had an amazing response from their customers. Now the time had come that the expansion of the company should take place to keep up the momentum. To expand the two co-founders will need to purchase new machinery and marketing materials to get global. The Kickstarter campaign is life and as rewards your can choose between different combinations of their delicious coffee-tea-blends. Just click here to help them get global and make their dream come true.

New experiences for the taste buds

I am always curious on new flavors, need foods or drinks. The advantage of Teagosa is that there is already a small but loyal customer base. So the product definitely delivers what it promises. On top of that the team is basically ready to ship the rewards when the campaign is finished, so backers won’t need to wait for months to get their hands on their new favorite drink. Back the project here like I did and get amazed but a new sensational uplifting drink.





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