Bristly – The Toothbrush Your Dog Will Love

Dog owners will know what hassle it can be to clean the teeth of the beloved dog. Most dogs hate it when they see the toothbrush with the special dog toothpaste on it…the dog tries to hide, the dog is closing the mouth and starts to ignore your commands. If a toothbrush did not work out, you maybe try the so called dental stix which you get on pet stores and supermarkets. They promise to clean the teeth of your dog by chewing them. The big question is: How can food clean the teeth? Most humans would love that imagination too…eat something which cleans your teeth. Bristly is probably the best toothbrush dogs can have. Let’s have a look, what Bristly is all about.

Bristly – The toothbrush for the independent dog

Independent dog? Yes, you are reading correctly. Bristly is a brand new toothbrush for dogs, who like to chew, for dogs who like to lick and for dogs who hate the conventional tooth brushing procedure. It lets the dog brush the teeth on its own terms, without force and stress. This toothbrush will make your life as dog owner and also the life of your dog so much easier. The material used in Bristly is natural rubber and the form of it guarantees safe use for your dog, it is very durable so that even heavy chewers cannot get it apart. And the best part, it cleans the teeth by chewing on it. It prevents oral disease development and can avoid stinky breath. Inside Bristly is a chamber for toothpaste. The toothpaste helps to avoid the spreading of bacteria in the mouth of your dog and will make the chewing much more enjoyable as usually dog toothpastes contains flavoring. Even without toothpaste your dog will want to chew on Bristly as the rubber material contains also a non-toxic meat flavoring. Let your dog be independent and brush its teeth on her or his own terms, make it an enjoyable event for your furry friends and get yourself this awesome tool, it will save time, avoids stress and keeps your dog healthy.

Sounds interesting – but how exactly does it work?

As I have mentioned above the material used in Bristly is natural rubber. The material is flexible but also very durable. When the dog is tempted to chew on the toothbrush because of the delicious meat flavor, the little bristles will start scrubbing off plaque of the teeth keeping them healthy and lowers the risk of diseases. The bristles are also massaging the gums to keep them strong and lowers the risk of tooth loss. The special design of this new toothbrush ensures that even the hard to reach back molars get a nice clean. If you ever used a conventional toothbrush on your dog, you know how difficult it can be to reach the molars deep behind.

The daily use of Bristly will keep the teeth and gums clean and after some days you will recognize that the breath of your dog gets much fresher and less stinky. So you can finally enjoy the wet kisses and licks, filled with all the love your dog has inside itself for you.

Is it all natural? What about sustainability?

Nowadays it is all about sustainability and how to keep the environment intact. Here is the thing: Bristly is made from all natural rubber, so no harmful plastic is used. The rubber is made from latex which is coming from the Para rubber tree. These trees are known to reduce carbon dioxide in the air. So the more trees are planted, the better for the carbon balance of the atmosphere. The rubber is all natural and not containing any petroleum, heavy metals or cancer triggering chemicals. Unlike plastic which stays basically forever on our planet and is filling up landmarks, natural rubber biodegrades down to the basic elements, so it will not cause any environmental damage. By backing Bristly you even help to save our planet as most conventional toothbrushes are made of plastic.

How to get my hands on Bristly?

You can get Bristly right now through their Kickstarter campaign. It is available in three sizes and each size is available for normal and for heavy chewers. The funding goal is already reached and this product will become reality thanks to the backers. Estimated delivery time is given for October 2018. To everyone who is new to crowdfunding: Don’t believe this. To everyone who backed projects before: Yes, most likely it will be delayed. I have backed several campaigns and just one out of over 50 finished in time. So if you decide to back this existing tool to keep your dogs teeth healthy, then be patient. You will receive it, but it might be in the beginning of 2019. You never know what can go wrong during the manufacturing state. If you back now, your credit card will be charged by Kickstarter at the end of the campaign. If you back it later and the campaign moves to Indiegogo InDemand, your credit card will be charged when your back the project. And then the fun stuff starts. Follow the creator along through his hopefully lot of updates on the production process and receive Bristly as soon as it is finished.

My opinion about this campaign

As I am a dog owner myself and I know what a hassle it is to keep the teeth of the furry nose clean, I am really curious to get my hands on one of these. Bristly seems perfect and I just hope my dog will enjoy chewing on it…as she was never a huge chewer. The campaign shows no indication of being a scam and the creator is right now very active in the comments answering questions of backers. I think if you have a dog, then your dog needs Bristly.

Want to put your attention also on the toothpaste which you can get as add on to your pledge. Be mindful and read the list of ingredients. It contains flavoring of peanut butter and also Cranberry extract. If you are allergic to Peanuts or Berries, please handle with care…or stay away from the toothpaste. Normal toothpaste from your favorite pet store will do the same trick.

Here you can watch the campaign video…it is definitely one of the funniest campaign videos I have ever seen.

If you have any comments or if you are backing this project, just let me know by simply leaving a comment.

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