Arcido Akra & Varga – Probably the Best Carry On Backpack

In times of low budget airlines it can be very affordable to travel around. Plane tickets are often even cheaper than traveling by car or by train. But if you have to pay also for hold luggage, costs often explode and ruin your financial planing. Arcido has the solution for you as they developed probably the best carry on backpack you can find. The travel backpack is packed with features and you can easily fit enough clothes and accessories in for a 7-10 days long journey. Forget about the hold luggage and enjoy hands-free traveling.

Arcido Akra

Akra – The best carry on backpack for all your journeys

Arcido is back on Kickstarter with not just one, but two new backpacks. The company is not a newbie to the crowdfunding scene as they had a very successful campaign with their so called Arcido Bag, which was already a very good solution for a carry on backpack. Despite the delayed delivery, estimated was August 2016, delivery started in November for European backers and in December 2016 for US-backers, the reviews of the backpack were very good. Now they perfected a product than was already outstanding and would like to bring the Akra to life, accompanied by the little sibling called Varga, which seems to be the perfect day pack. Estimated delivery should be in July 2018 however due to the success of the campaign it might get delayed. Maybe the team has learnt from the first campaign and might be able to deliver it in time. Who needs urgently a travel backpack for summer 2018 should not count on this one, would be kind of lottery game to trust in estimated delivery dates.

Specialist for travel backpacks

Arcido is focusing on high quality backpacks which are approved by most airlines as carry on bags. The flagship backpack is the Arcido bag which was successful funded on Kickstarter in 2016. Then the team developed the Faroe, kind of follow up to the Arcidi bag with the same key features just more lightweight. Arcido aims to have the highest possible quality and the used material are very durable to withstand even harsh travel-conditions. The style of all their backpacks is a clean, yet simply and classy Grey. In fact if you check out their website it might be difficult to keep the Faroe apart from Akra…the Varga would just be recognizable by the smaller size. If you look closer you can see than the design of the Faroe and Akra is really slightly different. The side pockets for a bottle got a big bigger and have a little bit of a different shape. Also, the material seems to be a bit thicker on the Akra which should make it a bit more sturdy. One thing have all Arcido bags in common though, you open them like a suitcase, so basically you lay it flats on the ground and can unzip it nearly all around. This makes packing really easy and also the issue with finding things on the bottom of the bag will be much easier.

Arcido Akra Varga

A closer look

Lets have a look at the specifications of the Akra and the Varga. The Akra has a measurement of 55 x 35 x 20cm, which is complying with most airline carry on sized bags. You can fit in 35 liters which should be sufficient for some days of summer travels when you need some pants, some T-Shirts, socks and underwear. You can even pack in your laptop into the included harness which keeps it safe from damage. And don’t have to worry about rain as the material is water-resistant. On the back Arcido implemented a special system so your back won’t get wet. The material is water-resistant and I assume not breathable at all. So having it on your back might create a sauna-like sensation. This is what I hate most about backpacks. Arcido managed though to create enough airflow in the back so you should not sweat than much. The Varga is smaller and is basically a stylish day pack. The measurements are 50 x 34 x 15cm and it packs 20 litres. So for most cases it will be too less for traveling, but when not in use, you can roll it small. This gives you the opportunity to take it with you on travels within the Akra. So the big bag can be left in the hotel room while you move around with the smaller and more comfy version. As it is done out of the same material than the Akra, it is sturdy and water resistant and has the same ventilation system on the back to avoid oceans running down your back into your pants.

Price tag worth it?

Akra and Varga are now available in Kickstarter. It might than move to Indiegogo InDemand, a popular move nowadays by creators to keep attention up while the product is in production. The price for the Akra is right now 120 GBP with an estimated retail price of 149 GBP. The day pack Varga is moving over the Kickstarter counter for 49 GBP, estimated retail price is set to 70 GBP. Currency in this campaign is in British pounds, so US backers should not wonder if they pay a higher price than the number shows. In my opinion it seems to be a quality product, well-made and in a simple but stylish design. But would I personally pay this for a backpack? My partner would think I went insane but I can see a demand in this product. Especially as their first campaign “The Arcido Bag” got many supporters. Estimated delivery for this campaign should be July. If they would deliver on time it would be great timing for the holiday season, but as mentioned above, the first campaign was delayed in delivery. If you need something like this for your summer vacation, better check out Amazon. Here you can find alternatives than will do the job and you would have it in Amazon-style with quick delivery.

Arcido Akra

Should you back it?

If you are looking into buying a cabin conform backpack and you want superior quality, the Akra is the one you should go for. If money is not than important and you want timeless design, Arcido is delivering what you want. However, if you travel once or twice a year, the price might be too high for you as there are cheaper options out there. Intriguing is the combo of Akra and Varga which will make traveling easy and comfortable. If you don’t need it urgently, go for it and get yourself this backpack on Kickstarter. If you like to have everything organized you can even get yourself some packing cubes to it which makes finding things in the bag even easier and accessible.





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